The trust has planned & started working on following projects in the valley:

To create sense of brotherhood & national integration the trust is taking interest in the extending its welfare activities to the people of J&K at their doorstep & has opened its branches in Srinagar & Baramula.

  • 200 Anand Kaaraj/Marriages/Niqaah of needy girls irrespective of caste, colour & creed.

  • 200 Free eye operations, lens implantation, cataract surgery & medicine.

  • Pensions being given to 400 old women & widow ladies and Pocket money to Orphan students.

  • Higher education to 10 needy students. Free education to 500 students

  • 10 Free Computer Training and 10 Stitching & Embroidery Centers for unemployed youth.

  • Financial support to 10 NGO's who are working selflessly for the society

  • Arranging Teachers to teach Punjabi Language in the villages of Kashmir.

  • In addition to above Trust had distributed 2300 bags of Rice each of 25 kg. & 4200 blankets to the poor.

During unpresendent Flood in J&K

The trust has donated 12 Truck loads of Food Material, Distributed Medicine worth Rs. 10 Lakh, donated around 9500 blankets, 100 Jackets/Sweaters from Cloth & Shoes. The Trust is also building 100 flats for those who has been revoleral home less due to these floods.